February 17, 2012

MAGFI Magicians Foundation Inc. Oathtaking Ceremonies

Magic (sometimes referred to as stage magic to distinguish it from paranormal or ritual magic) is a performing art that entertains audiences by staging tricks or creating illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats using natural means. These feats are called magic trickseffects, or illusions. -- from Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES - Last February 6, 2012, the most awaited oath taking ceremonies for the Magicians Foundation Inc. (MAGFI) was held in the Rotary Club, Roces, QC.

Magicians Foundation Inc., more popularly known as MAGFI is a group of acclaimed Filipino magicians in various types of expertise and exposition.

Below is the new MAGFI 2012 roster:

Dr. Ronaldo Moraleta M.D.

Ferdinand "Chubster" Flores

Samuel Fuentes

Marcus Ondevilla

Christopher Orbon

Elmer Bustos

Demetrio "Master Dem" Cuizon

Arnold Allanigui
Jervey "Flooch" Capili

Frederic Tabigne
Jester Tallod

The new president, Ferdinand "Chubster" Flores, while giving an enlightening speech.
Photo by: Mr. Solomon Cu
simply enjoying the night..
Photo by: Mr. Solomon Cu
Me and my friend blogger, Janese of http://lakwatseramom.blogspot.com
with the newly elected President of MAGFI. 
Photo by: Mr. Solomon Cu
The new set of officers lighted the candles as a symbol of trust and honesty to their new responsibility while stating their oath.

And with the newly elected members of the MAGFI officers, together they will bring magic and unity to its highest level and create great projects to fulfill in the future. In the name of magic, Congratulations and more power MAGFI! 

Below is a little sneak peek of the oathtaking ceremony:

February 16, 2012

Hooked by the Taste of Ma Mon Luk

With the sudden rainy days approaching this past few days, how about kicking out to get some little bit of hot and tasty comfort food?

After Valentine's Day, me and my blogger friends came to have a lunch out at the historic Ma Mon Luk House, in their branch located in Banawe, Quezon Ave.

Oldie style Ma Mon Luk menu posted on the wall of the restaurant upon entering
That was my first time to enter the restaurant. As I went inside, I suddenly had a feeling that I was back in the early era. The marble tables, wooden chairs, tenured waiters, old picture frames on the wall and the smell of that Special Mami whiff just kept me in that bizarre mood.

Kind waiters of Ma Mon Luk will hand you this vintage menu  for your order

According to my friends, Ma Mon Luk has the best mami, best pancit and the best siopao they've ever tasted in their life! Now its time to try these foodies! <tastebuds attack!>

Ma Mon Luk's Original Special Mami (Php 105-big bowl; Php 95-small bowl)
Special Mami and Special Siopao: A Big Perfect Combination 
Special Siopao (Asado, Pork & Chicken) - Php 60
We decided to try Ma Mon Luk's specialties such as the Special Mami, Special Siopao and some other MML trademarks. I tried the legendary Ma Mon Luk's Original Special Mami in a small bowl, I first took a sip of the mami soup (that I regularly do whenever I encounter mami), and the savory taste of the soup crossed my taste buds. The noodles were medium thick, the soup was really tasty (tasty like you'll never need to add fishsauce or pepper!), the chicken/pork toppings were so well done, the chinese noodles was so satisfying, it filled my stomach like it was my last lunch.

Beef Mami (Php 115 - Large Bowl)
One of my friends opt for a Special Beef Mami, since she is not fond of eating pork. The moment that the waiter served the Beef Mami, since I was sitting near her, the beef aroma of her mami tickled my senses. I can say that her mami looks so delicious, and tempting.

Chicken ala Ma Mon Luk (Php 165)
We also tried one of their newest dishes, the Chicken ala Ma Mon Luk. It is like chicken adobo but in a newer, modern twist. The chicken was cooked, fried before it is tossed in the flavorful sauce. The sauce was rich, and really tasty. 

Sweet and Sour Pork (Php 130)
Another dish we tried is the Sweet and Sour Pork. It is like your normal sweet and sour style pork dish but savored with big chunks on pineapple tossed and cooked until the sweetness tenderized the pork. It was so flavorful, that I had 3 rounds of rice only for this, and all I can say is, this is love at first taste!

Ma Mon Luk's Ultimate Sinful Fried Rice
P.S. The Chicken ala Ma Mon Luk and Sweet and Sour Pork dishes are very very good together with their sinful Fried Rice. I say its sinful due the large amount of rice that you will consume without even noticing!

Until now, I still have that little hangover whenever I remember how good the Ma Mon Luk dishes were. I am planning to come back to this restaurant for another round of satisfying goodness, but now with my sister who will be celebrating her birthday! Let's see if she will enjoy our future food trip in MML and if she will also get this immortal craving for Ma Mon Luk like me! Look! I am definitely hooked by the taste of Ma Mon Luk! :)

How about you? Have you tried eating at Ma Mon Luk? Maybe you can share your experience too!