December 26, 2011

The Jazzy "Ronald Tomas Nonet Travels" Album

Have you heard of the sexy Jazz music being collaborated with kundiman? How about jazz music with "Mahal na Araw" Pasyon? 

Sounds interesting, isn't it?

I recently heard of this really interesting album: "Ronald Tomas Nonet", Nonet is a musical term for a group of nine musicians. The album, launched by its lead, Mr. Ronald Tomas, formed the collection of the musical collaboration together with his friends who played in various capacities over the years. It happened that they were coming from the same school, the UP College of Music, and through the years, happened to be in the same circle in the local music scene.


Travelling the world, getting various music influences, inspired musician Ronald Tomas to create musical arrangements with his friends and try to record them. The idea of creating an album was not really present during that time. But after few recordings, they noticed that were already working on the 7th and 8th song, and so they thought on working on more to resemble an album. According to Ronald, "It was a wonderful accident".

Ronald Tomas played saxophone for WDOUJI (Witch Doctors of Underground Jazz Improvisation). Their first album, Ground Zero, won in the KATHA AWARD back 2001. He was also a member of the band, Parliament Syndicate.

"It was a wonderful accident" - Ronald Tomas

The album contains ten wonderful arrangements that are truly beautiful and refreshing:

1. Chili Con Pasyon - a groovy, danceable fusion of Pasyon Melody and rhythm from Chile. I always attend the "Pabasa ng Pasyon" every Holy Week but I never thought that I am already listening to our own pasyon music while listening to this arrangement! You'll say its really hot! Chili!

2. Pandango Palawan - a collaboration of Argentina Tango, rhythms from Colombia and Palawan Highland Melody. Are you looking for a different sound of the tango? Yes, this is it.

3. Very Early - Ronald's favorite jazz song written by an American jazz musician, Bill Evans. 

4. Joselynang Baliwag - a kundiman that dates way back 1800's and was a favorite amongst the katipuneros during the revolution, which was contemporized by drum and bass beats underneath. For the trivia, this was the song that signaled the attack against the army.

5. Dum Da Dee Dum - this song was written by Ronald's good friend, Aya Yuson. This song stand on its own (with the use of voice to play the melody) even without the lyrics, and it sounded really good. This is my favorite among all the arrangements in the album. The fresh sound gave me happy thoughts, that, hearing it makes me feel so in love. 

6. Duyog Sunrise - a cool collaboration of modern jazz and a Maguindanao musical tradition. Listening to it gave me a feeling that there is a story of fierce battle inside the song.

7. Ground Zero - a song that Ronald co-wrote with Koko Bermejo on the KATHA award winning first WDOUJI album back in 2001. 

8. Ramut - a song with melodies from a Cordilleran highland song from the Kalinga, translated in jazz style.

9. Natutulog Ka Na Ba Sinta - a jazzified version of the composition from Levi Celerio/ Santiago Suarez which was originally written in the "Harana" genre.

10. Sinulugang Taktak - an interpretation of the Maguindanao musical form called Sinulog, mixed with jazz harmony. 


The new refreshing sound of the collaboration arrangement made this album very distinct and unique from other jazz albums in the music scene. Overall, the album sounded so good that I want to hear it all over, again and again. For jazz lovers out there, maybe this is the album that you have been waiting for!

To hear sample tracks, visit these links:

Visit and like the "Ronald Tomas Nonet" FB Page!

To get more of the group, watch them in YouTube!

You can buy their album in these locations:

Ground flr. Benpres Building
Exchange Road cor. Meralco Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Philippines 1600

2. 70's BISTRO
#46 Anonas Street, Project 2, 1102 Quezon City, Philippines

Visayas Ave, Quezon City

They can also send their CD or arrange a meeting (if you are within Metro Manila) by calling or texting at 09392211271.

December 24, 2011

Conzace Viral Smackdown: A New Facebook Craze

Looking for another Facebook Application that will make you go loco?

After Farmville, Petville, Cityville, Frontierville, Empires vs. Allies.. Another Facebook craze was born..

I've been addicted to another Facebook craze lately, after I discovered a new game called Viral Smackdown, from a popular multivitamin manufacturer, Conzace. The gameplay content and the concept is not quite new for arcade game lovers but the story behind the "how-are-you-gonna-play-the-game?" is so unique. 

If you have webcam installed in your computer, and you are ready to be addicted, then say "Yes!" cause you are ready to go! You can only play the game once the application detected that there is a webcam installed. YOu will not use the keyboard nor the mouse to play it, but you have to use the powers of the human hand. It doesn't matter if your monitor is NOT touch screen. Important thing is you have a webcam, the webcam will detect the placing of your hands against the screen.. and voila! You are ready for the microbes battle!!!

The first time I tried playing it, I thought that its so easy. I even came to a point saying to myself, "Hmp! So easy! I can easily get to the last level of this!".. Well, as usual, there are times that we fail on our first impressions.. And yes, on the next level, I felt that the game was getting hard! I needed to beat those cute little microbes on the screen! There are three levels, and I have to play again and again and again and again just to reach the next level! On the first level, you have to conquer yellow mirobes.. Second level requires you to still hit the yellow germs but now there are green germs ready to scare you that will give you minus points.. Get into the last level and you'll face red viruses! The combination of the yellow microbes, green germs and red viruses will surely make your face sour!

Try this game, and you will not stop playing it! Its so addicting! Complete all three levels for a chance to win a Conzace gift pack! Top ten weekly winners will get a chance to have a special surprise gift!

Comment below if you already pass all three levels! Go swat the microbes!
Follow this link to play!

December 20, 2011

ILFS Charity Project 2011

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES - Employees from ILFS Technologies Philippines Inc., gather together to spread the Christmas spirit to families living in the slums area of NIA road, beside DOJ Bldg. last December 20, 2011.

"Konting tulong lang naman para maramdaman nila ang Christmas."

Last month, the slums area beside DOJ Building in Nia Road, Quezon City caught a very big fire. The fire even reached the ILFS-IMC building causing amounts of destroyed IT properties. This incident destroyed a hundred of properties resulting to homeless, unfortunate people.

This christmas project started last year by two of the NOC team members, the brains; Joseph Bais and Gerald Gomez.

The goal of this annual project is to share and spread the Christmas spirit. Christmas is not always about shopping and receiving gifts, but it is a season of loving, sharing and giving.

Here are the other sneek peek photos of the Christmas Feeding Program:

Me with the NOC Team aka "The Charity Bosses"

Excited faces

Yummy spaghetti ready for the fight!

Children are getting excited for the munch

Spaghetti preparation at the "backstage"

"This is how you eat the spaghetti.." haha

So busy!

Lil' children patiently waiting in line

and last but not the least... the Charity Bosses!

In parallel with the feeding program, they are also conducting a clothes donation project. They are encouraging every employee to donate clothes and put those in big boxes scattered in the ILFS-IMC Bldg. (just like the boxes of Jollibee Ma-AGA ang Pasko). The collected donations will be given to GMA Kapuso Foundation and will be sent to the victims of Typhoon Sendong in CDO.

Giving and sharing our blessings to others is the best way to share the spirit of Christmas joy. Merry Christmas everyone!!! :)

December 18, 2011

My House Husband: Ikaw Na!: A movie you gotta see!

"The movie is timely and beautiful.." 

These are the words that came from the witty Eugene Domingo during the Grand Bloggers' Press Conference of the movie "My House Husband: Ikaw Na!" where she stars together with the beautiful and multi-awarded Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo, popular tv host & Judy Ann's husband Ryan Agoncillo, one of FHM's sexiest women Ellen Adarna, and rising hearthrob Roco Naccino.

"Ito ang sagot namin sa No Other Woman" 

As this words arise from Ryan Agoncillo, the conference crowd went crazy due to the fact that he also named the three main characters of the movie and pointed out which of them played their own type of role.

The movie is a much awaited dramedy and Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry. It lead its actors to be known for their stellar acting prowess that many believe will weigh in mightily on the Dec. 28 awards night. 

Ryan (Rod), Judy Ann (Mia) and Eugene (Aida) during the
Grand Bloggers' Press Conference of "My House Husband"
Photo by: Florenda Corpuz (

Judy Ann Santos plays Mia, a mother and wife who is the sole breadwinner of her family. She has been in show business for two decades now and done about 70 movies, many of which have won awards for her from many prestigious award giving bodies. 

In the movie, according to Director Joey Reyes, she delivered a performance as realistic acting that no doubt stems from the fact that her leading man here is her real life husband. This early, many predict Judy Ann is shoo-in for Best Actress in the 2011 MMFF.

On the other hand, Judy Ann's better half, Ryan Agoncillo plays Rod, a man who is bank manager one day then househusband the next. His delineation of provider turned circumstantial housekeeper will have people laughing, thinking, understanding and, perhaps, more accepting of the fact that there is no one formula or set-up that makes a family work. His stellar performance in the movie made him a very strong contender in the Best Actor category.

Comedienne Eugene Domingo plays Aida Capinpin, a mistress who happens to be Rod and Mia's neighbor. With Mia always away, Rod and Aida developed a friendship that created jealousy at a point.

"I've never played a mistress before nor bestfriend to a straight guy. Even in real life, I have lots of girl and gay friends but very few straight guys so I am tackling my role here from a fresh point of view." said she, who's gusto in working on "My House Husband: Ikaw Na!" surely brought out the best in her yet again

Judy Ann (Mia) and Eugene (Aida) smiles while
listening to the answers of their co-stars in the movie

Photo by: Florenda Corpuz (

Guiding the actors in giving their best in "My Househusband: Ikaw Na!" is Direk Joey, who, himself, is no stranger to awards. Many of his works have also become modern classics some of which also featured Ryan, Judy Ann and Eugene. He is said in recent interviews that his latest film is important in his career in that he plans to redirect his career should he win Best Director yet again.

With the stellar acting prowess of its talents in and the very relatable story of "My Househusband: Ikaw Na!" it is expected to lead box-office results and bring home the highest awards in the MMFF 2011.

OctoArts Films' "My Househusband: Ikaw Na!" opens on Christmas Day.