December 24, 2011

Conzace Viral Smackdown: A New Facebook Craze

Looking for another Facebook Application that will make you go loco?

After Farmville, Petville, Cityville, Frontierville, Empires vs. Allies.. Another Facebook craze was born..

I've been addicted to another Facebook craze lately, after I discovered a new game called Viral Smackdown, from a popular multivitamin manufacturer, Conzace. The gameplay content and the concept is not quite new for arcade game lovers but the story behind the "how-are-you-gonna-play-the-game?" is so unique. 

If you have webcam installed in your computer, and you are ready to be addicted, then say "Yes!" cause you are ready to go! You can only play the game once the application detected that there is a webcam installed. YOu will not use the keyboard nor the mouse to play it, but you have to use the powers of the human hand. It doesn't matter if your monitor is NOT touch screen. Important thing is you have a webcam, the webcam will detect the placing of your hands against the screen.. and voila! You are ready for the microbes battle!!!

The first time I tried playing it, I thought that its so easy. I even came to a point saying to myself, "Hmp! So easy! I can easily get to the last level of this!".. Well, as usual, there are times that we fail on our first impressions.. And yes, on the next level, I felt that the game was getting hard! I needed to beat those cute little microbes on the screen! There are three levels, and I have to play again and again and again and again just to reach the next level! On the first level, you have to conquer yellow mirobes.. Second level requires you to still hit the yellow germs but now there are green germs ready to scare you that will give you minus points.. Get into the last level and you'll face red viruses! The combination of the yellow microbes, green germs and red viruses will surely make your face sour!

Try this game, and you will not stop playing it! Its so addicting! Complete all three levels for a chance to win a Conzace gift pack! Top ten weekly winners will get a chance to have a special surprise gift!

Comment below if you already pass all three levels! Go swat the microbes!
Follow this link to play!

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