October 25, 2010

Intel Catapult Challenge

I've been addicted to this Catapult Challenge lately, after my sister showed me how a monitor was being thrown using a catapult. She told me that the higher, longer the distance, the better. At first, I get a little hesitant, but as soon as she finished using my laptop, I then tried my luck.

This is a nice screenshot of the game. I've been throwing the monitor using a catapult, I think for about 8 times since I started playing the challenge.

The monitor I throw got its stop over on a wheel. During this time, I am actually hoping for the monitor to hit the wings. It will actually give me an upgrade, but oh well... I guess I am not that lucky. My highest score was 356 METERS! Can you beat that? Send me your scores and I will beat yours! 

A great prize awaits, so what are you waiting for? Start throwing now!

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