October 20, 2010

Breaded Tofu Crunch

Do you crave for Fried Chicken? 
But you don't have chicken in your fridge? 
Why don't you try.. fried tofu?

Tofu is a very popular diet food for the Japanese. But for us, Pinoys, Tofu or what we normally call, "TOKWA" is a cool ingredient that can be mixed/sauted with vegetables or some pork dishes. I love it when tokwa is mixed with pork and black beans, which is actually one of my favorite dishes. I would like to share a simple tofu dish that my sister made. It was so sumptuous, I can't help but have another round of rice! So, here is the simple "Breaded Tofu Crunch" recipe that you will surely enjoy too!




1. Beat the egg and slice the tofu into quartered cuts. 

2. Dip tofu in flour

3. Dip tofu into beaten egg 

4. Dip tofu into breading

5. Fry in a pan until golden brown

Now here's our Breaded Tofu Crunch!!! Enjoy!!!

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  1. nagtitnda si mudra ng fried tofu. hahah :)

  2. mots! ang winner naman ni mudra mu.. :) favorite ko ang tofu!

  3. Diamond R., san ka po ba? padalhan kita ng tofu.. hehehe

  4. very easy to follow steps...i'll try it one of these days. u might want to visit/follow my blog www.lalingplaza.blogspot.com :-)

  5. thanks leila! sure, i'm gonna visit your blog.. :)