October 14, 2010

The Song

I wrote a song
But it is not yet completed
I wrote a song
But the lyrics were depleted
The song is not beautiful
For it doesn't have rhymes
The song doesn't speak
As if it just mimes
I tried to sing the song
But it doesn't sound good
I tried to fix it but
It feels like knocking on wood
It doesn't have feelings
The song is so dull
Looks like it was broken
Like an old brittle skull
The song is hopeless
I just thought one day
The song is not for me
I'll just throw it away
But things changed
As time goes by
I felt something inside
I don't know why
Little by little
I work on the song again
Put some words here
And there, again and again
I tried to work on the music
Hoping it would sound fine
Now the melody is better
I'm so proud to tell its mine
Now the song has its feelings
It knows now how to express
Soon the song will be polished
I feel I was totally blessed
Just then I found you
When the song was finished
Just like my heart that lacks once
And now finally feels accomplished

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